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Letter from Las Vegas (Guardian Weekly)

Letter from Las Vegas Guardian Weekly I was travelling from the airport in the back of a black Lexus limo, fiddling unsuccessfully with the seat’s electronic massage button, when I noticed the driver sizing me up in his rear-view mirror. Nodding his head slowly but rhythmically, he told me exactly where I could watch a […]

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Pig farmer faces horrific murder charges in sleepy Vancouver suburb

Seed Magazine It’s 10 a.m. on a bone-chilling January day in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. The two rows of media seats facing the bullet-proof enclosure in a specially-adapted City courtroom are full to capacity, but only a few others in the bright, pine-finished room are occupied. Sensation-chasing reporters alone seem to have the stomach for […]

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Letter from Vancouver: Sing-a-long-a-citizenship

Guardian Weekly It was 1.25 p.m. in a stuffy immigration courtroom overlooking Vancouver’s BC Place stadium and 80 assorted individuals had just had their passports stamped with the legend “No longer a permanent resident.” A nightmare decree for many around the world, here it’s a cause for celebration. In around 30 minutes, each of us […]

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Travelin’ Man

The Torch It’s fall 1997 and day three of a meandering six-night trek on the old Trans-Siberian Railway between Beijing and Moscow. My reward for an exhausting year spent teaching English in Japan, the trundling Soviet-era train is the world’s longest passenger railroad—and the only one I know with hot water samovars and grubby cold […]

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Burning Bush

Stupid White Men… and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation Michael Moore HarperCollins £18, pp304 The Observer Michael Moore, the satirical agent provocateur of modern American life, returns with a caustic new book that created controversy even before it was released. Planned for an autumn 2001 launch, Stupid White Men was shelved […]

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