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BC Business Magazine Window seat in Penang Hands stuffed in pockets and eyes watering like a day out an onion farm, I’m facing down a whipping wind on the tilt-a-whirl deck of a crowded old car ferry. Not quite the Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay run, this rust-streaked people mover is rumbling through the choppy brine […]

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BC Business Magazine Window seat in Tasmania Trapped by heavy rain in a luxury lodge cabin in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain National Park, I’ve re-read every magazine, watched some rubbish local TV and scoffed every snack in the welcome basket. Since serial Pringle eating is the last refuge of the terminally bored, I’m now staring forlornly […]

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BC Business Magazine Window seat in Busan Hypnotically sliding past miles of squat, grey factory complexes and the kind of drab, tumbleweed villages that wouldn’t know excitement if it slapped them in the face, I’m speeding south along a rain-misted highway on a private Korean peninsula press tour. My grim-faced driver – hired to keep […]

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BC Business Magazine Window seat in Manchester It’s 4.30 p.m. and I’m leaning heavily on a lamppost near a marquee in the cobbled square abutting Manchester’s turreted Town Hall. Catching snatches of buzzy conversation from passing locals, I’m wondering how an afternoon of gentle wine tasting – part of a citywide food festival – quickly […]

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BC Business Magazine Window seat in Beijing Charging wild-eyed through Tokyo’s Narita International Airport with a backpack the size of an overweight Yak is not the best way to start a trip. But since my so-called bullet train from Ueno decided to enjoy a more leisurely meander, I’m running precariously late for a flight to […]

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